Freeciv Courthouse Building GFX - WIP

Started working on a courthouse and I am going with Roman style this time. Somehow that style is most related to courts.
Somewhere I will put the "Lady Justice" statue so it is recognizable as a courthouse; otherwise it looks like any romanesque building.

Work continues...
Final render:

Freeciv Port Building GFX - WIP

First draft render:
Final render and after post:

Some wireframes:

Freeciv Garden Building GFX - WIP

Finished blocking out the main elements of the new Freeciv Garden Building GFX:
The garden will be using mainly design elements of a japanese garden.
Working with grass... Final candidate:

Freeciv Forge Building WIP & FINAL

First WIP of the Forge building...

Second WIP...
Added some new items, some smoke, a bellow...

Well here is also the final - i went with the dark environment so it can expose the light from the forge, for little more dramatic feel

Freeciv Water Wheel Building WIP & FINAL

First WIP:
Second WIP:
Third WIP:

Freeciv Workshop Building GFX - WIP & Final

Started creating a Workshop building. This building will increase shield production on city tile (only on city tile, not on surrounding tiles) and the increase will depend on city size. Also the workshop building will enable full healing of siege weapons just like barracks heal foot units. WIP 2 - added more elements, one ram, logs, some small objects:
WIP3 - started doing the main building
WIP4 - modeling is mostly done, started texturing
WIP5 - figuring out the colors

All buildings page - Freeciv mod NEXTended

The first 23 buildings, all in one place.