srijeda, 17. veljače 2016.

Merchant Quarter Building GFX - WIP

I had an idea to enable a special building for larger cities (>8) to have an option to build a Merchant Quarter which would be a further step of the Marketplace building. I am still tinkering if the effect would be only to increase trade on the city tile or to increase trade of the city output by certain percentage.
Here is the first WIP:
The GFX would show a part of the city with lots of merchants, stands, stores etc. The inspiration so far is the Chinese ancient city of Pingyao and its air market photos I found on the web. The photos have some interesting elements which could be used to enrich the GFX (like the Chinese lanterns, their store signs, some cool architecture elements etc.). 

I will always try to incorporate in the GFXs for the buildings elements of all civilizations of the world:
The Granary is inspired by African architecture;
The City Walls are inspired by Carthaginian architecture;
The Temple is inspired by Egyptian architecture;
The Theater is inspired by Greek architecture;
The Trading Post is designed with Mongolian elements;

Now it is the Chinese turn...

Here is some more WIP:
And some more:
With some textures:

utorak, 9. veljače 2016.

Marketplace Building GFX - WIP and Final

Started with creating the Marketplace Building GFX - finished the fruit/food stand:

Working on the second stand with pottery and plates:

Three stands finished:


nedjelja, 24. siječnja 2016.

Harbour (or Harbor) Building GFX - WIP and FINAL

Started working on the Harbor Building GFX. Here are the first results:
There is still lot to be done. The water should be less transparent, water bed should be darker, i will add some small boats, crates, fish that has been fished on the sea etc..
The water by far is the most important part of the picture. I am also thinking of zooming out but then the details wont be seen at all.

Much better water here:

One WIP with a small boat:

Adding more boats, details, crates, cargo, barrels, buildings:

Last WIP:
Almost there:

The Final:

četvrtak, 21. siječnja 2016.

Barracks Building GFX - WIP and FINAL post

Working on a new barracks GFX. I am going for the "tents" version as it is more multi-cultural look:
Some basic tents are added and some arrow practice targets with some arrows in it. I plan to add some more tents with different looks, bunch of barrels, sacks, weapon racks and a dummy doll for hand-arms practice. So far I am avoiding of including "people" in the GFXs.

Here is the final comp:

srijeda, 20. siječnja 2016.

petak, 15. siječnja 2016.