Friday, February 3, 2017

Freeciv Forge Building WIP & FINAL

First WIP of the Forge building...

Second WIP...
Added some new items, some smoke, a bellow...

Well here is also the final - i went with the dark environment so it can expose the light from the forge, for little more dramatic feel

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Freeciv Workshop Building GFX - WIP & Final

Started creating a Workshop building. This building will increase shield production on city tile (only on city tile, not on surrounding tiles) and the increase will depend on city size. Also the workshop building will enable full healing of siege weapons just like barracks heal foot units.
WIP 2 - added more elements, one ram, logs, some small objects:
WIP3 - started doing the main building
WIP4 - modeling is mostly done, started texturing
WIP5 - figuring out the colors

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Aqueduct Building GFX - WIP and FINAL

Starting a new GFX for Aqueduct building. Doing some initial blocks...
It will be based on roman aqueducts, as they are the most famous ones.
2nd WIP, added stream/water, basic terrain, top part of the aqueduct:
3rd WIP - some textures are applied (some bricks for aqueduct, terrain stone, bushes etc..)
Plan to add some trees

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Library Building GFX - WIP and FINAL

Some WIP of new GFX of a library building:
I decided to go with interior view as it will more clearly depict it is actually a library. And even if it will be an building available in ancient era i am going for a more later era look. The library will be available throughout centuries so it makes sense. 
All modeling, texturing and rendering are done in MODO indie 10. 
2nd WIP:
3rd WIP (added fences, changed some parts, added wall details):

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Merchant Quarter Building GFX - WIP & Final

I had an idea to enable a special building for larger cities (>8) to have an option to build a Merchant Quarter which would be a further step of the Marketplace building. I am still tinkering if the effect would be only to increase trade on the city tile or to increase trade of the city output by certain percentage.
Here is the first WIP:
The GFX would show a part of the city with lots of merchants, stands, stores etc. The inspiration so far is the Chinese ancient city of Pingyao and its air market photos I found on the web. The photos have some interesting elements which could be used to enrich the GFX (like the Chinese lanterns, their store signs, some cool architecture elements etc.). 

I will always try to incorporate in the GFXs for the buildings elements of all civilizations of the world:
The Granary is inspired by African architecture;
The City Walls are inspired by Carthaginian architecture;
The Temple is inspired by Egyptian architecture;
The Theater is inspired by Greek architecture;
The Trading Post is designed with Mongolian elements;

Now it is the Chinese turn...

Here is some more WIP:
And some more:
With some textures:
Finally some more work done:
Final after photoshoping: